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Just as Cobb and Wallace find the evidence they are looking for, Riefenstahl and his Lager Gestapo come in and threaten them. Wallace scares them off with his weapon, but they have now seen the “Holy Ghost” in action and know Geiger is telling the truth. When Cobb confronts Bell with the new evidence, Bell still tries to silence him, but Domsczek comes to his side and tells the Judge that he will report him to the bar association if he doesn’t allow the evidence that Cobb has to be used in court.
Cobb calls Doc Hansen’s friend to the stand who reads a note that had been left in his tackle box -- it is a confession from Doc that he falsified death certificates and causes of death and he can no longer live with himself. Geiger had witnessed one of the killings and questioned Doc as to why he didn’t report the death as a murder. He shoved Doc to the ground in frustration over the unwillingness of Doc to come forward and confront Major Lilly with the crimes.  Cobb then gets testimony from Major Lilly’s aide and the city coroner that several POWs had been beaten to death or otherwise murdered by the Lauger Gestapo. Cobb finally gets Lilly to break under the pressure and the truth comes out -- Geiger is innocent and it is Riefenstahl and his henchmen who have been killing the POWs. Lilly never wanted to say anything because he felt there was nothing wrong with Germans killing each other. It also kept his MPs from having to pull extra patrols after hours since he was short-handed on staff.
The bodies of the POWs are exhumed and it is clear they have all been murdered. Bell and Cobb make peace with each other, with Bell knowing he now has a much bigger case on his hands -- the entire Lager Gestapo and the case against Major Lilly.
The Lager Gestapo are rounded up and sent to Federal prison where they await trial for murder. Riefenstahl continues to be arrogant and smug over the entire matter, and gives Cobb and Domczek a final sneer as he is being led away.
Cobb goes to see Geiger, who thanks him for his defense and for seeking the truth. Cobb wishes Geiger well, saying that he won’t have much to go back to when the war is over. They have both managed to see past the fact that they are supposed to be on opposite sides and be “enemies” and have come to have a mutual respect for each other.   The movie closes with the funeral service for Cobb’s son.
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A story of German POWs in America