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The top NCO POW at the camp, Riefenstahl (Norbert Weisser), testifies that Geiger is a hard-core Nazi and has said that it is his intention to kill as many Americans as he can. Riefenstahl denies being a Nazi himself, claiming to be just a German soldier. Geiger remains silent, but gives Riefenstahl a knowing look. Riefenstahl’s look of innocence immediately turns to a sneer at Geiger when he thinks no one is looking. At the end of the court session, Geiger calls out to Cobb, “What year is it? Hmmm? You think it is 1944, but at Camp Breman it is still 1942.” Cobb looks appropriately confused over the remark and doesn’t understand what he means.
As Cobb arrives home he is greeted by a courier who informs him that his son has been killed in France. Cobb asks to be dismissed from the trial, but Bell insists he can’t replace him. He does agree to a continuance, and gives Cobb a few days off. During this time, a friend of Doc Hansen’s stops by and clearly has something on his mind regarding the death of his friend, but leaves before he says what it is. It is enough to get Cobb stirred up over Geiger’s remarks, and just a few other things that don’t seem to be adding up regarding the POW camp.
A visit with Doc Hansen’s widow convinces Cobb that there is more going on out at the camp than meets the eye. Cobb pays another visit to Major Lilly but he is less than cooperative. Cobb, Wallace and Billie keep digging through court documents and other reports and find that there have been several “suicides” or deaths from natural causes at the camp. Things get even more interesting when Geiger breaks his silence and tells Cobb of the Lauger Gestapo, or “Holy Ghost” -- these are hard-core Nazi’s who patrol the camp after lights out. They target anyone who speaks against Hitler or the Nazi’s. They carry baseball bats and beat POWs or kill them in other ways, threatening the other POWs to keep silent or face the same fate.  He further explains that the Nazi’s that were captured in 1942 from North Africa still believe that the Germans are winning the war and have taken over major cities in the US as well as in Russia. They don’t believe the American “propaganda” that the Germans are being defeated.
Cobb goes to visit Bell requesting that he issue a subpoena for the camp records as evidence. Bell tells him to back off saying that he isn’t to make any sort of a case in favor of Geiger and to just play along so he can get the verdict he wants. However, Cobb doesn’t let it go, and he and Wallace pay another visit to the camp after hours so they can check on Doc’s records. The head MP is reluctant to let them in saying that Major Lilly will retaliate against him and frame him for some bogus crime, but Cobb tells him that he doesn’t have anything to worry about because it’s Major Lilly they are investigating.
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