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A POW is in custody for the murder of Doc Hansen and is being brought to the courthouse by a US Marshall (Brent Berry in these photos escorting Peter Firth who had the role of Gieger).  A mob scene has formed outside of the courthouse where he is being held -- the anti- German sentiments strong because of the war, and because Doc Hansen was a well-loved member of the community.
Cobb is at the local cafe enjoying lunch when he is approached by a marshal who informs him that his presence is required at the courthouse. Cobb is taken to meet with US Judge Stoddard Bell, who tell Cobb that he will be representing Geiger. Cobb tries to get out of it saying he can’t defend a man he wants to see hang himself, but Bell threatens him with jail time and losing his license if he doesn’t comply. On his way out, Cobb runs into US Attorney Domsczek who mocks Cobb’s simple country lawyer approach and says that he plans to make quick work of the trial, inferring that Cobb doesn’t stand a chance against him with his Harvard education.
Cobb goes to meet with Geiger who is less than cooperative, and almost hostile. Cobb tells him that he doesn’t want to defend him. They aren’t off to a good start.
Cobb goes to the local POW camp and meets with Major Lilly. Everything at the camp appears to be in order and Cobb doesn’t come away with anything in the way of defense for Geiger. Back at the cafe the local townsfolk shun Cobb, even Wallace who is a good friend, because Cobb is defending someone whom they regard as an enemy. Cobb tries to make them understand that he was forced into taking the case by the US Judge.
In an attempt to build a case for Geiger, Cobb goes to a farm where some POWs are working. He tries to find a couple of them that will testify on Gieger’s behalf as character witnesses, but none of them cooperate and Cobb leaves empty handed.
Cobb’s home is targeted in a vicious hate crime as the residents still don’t understand why he wants to defend a Nazi who murdered their doctor. Cobb meets with Geiger before the trial begins trying to get something to use in his favor in the trial, but Geiger still doesn’t cooperate.
There is a lot of circumstantial evidence against Geiger. He was seen pushing Doc Hansen to the floor earlier in the day, and a bloodied baseball bat was found in his locker. The coroner had determined that it was a rounded wooden instrument had been used to beat the doctor, crushing his skull. Even more damaging is the fact that Geiger’s Iron Cross was found in Doc Hansen’s hand, and Geiger was the only one who had earned the honor to wear that decoration. Cobb sits quietly while the prosecutor makes his case and doesn’t come to Geiger’s defense.
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