I have never seen this movie on any of the networks in recent history. TCM and Amazon used to offer it for sale, but even they have discontinued it. The third party vendors that offer it are asking ridiculous prices for this movie since it is out of print.    Netflix has the film listed on their site, however, they do not offer an availability date. Unfortunately it is not available for streaming or instant download from them, Amazon or even iTunes.
I found The Incident enjoyable on many levels, in fact, this is one of my very favorite films. There are many familiar faces for those of us of a certain age, and their always dependable acting was right on target. The movie is well cast with Harry Morgan, Walter Matthau, William Schallert and the others delivering exactly the interpretation of their characters you would expect from these veteran actors. The supporting actors also delivered fine performances -- right down to the last POW in the smallest role. A very pleasant surprise was Robert Carradine. He could have taken the pompous Harvard Law School lawyer aspect a little too far, but he plays his part exceptionally well and is very believable. He plays a well-balanced character and becomes quite likeable. Even a very young Arianna Richards delivers a wonderful performance and steals a couple scenes in the film. She plays off Walter Matthau and Susan Blakely quite nicely and rounds out her scenes pleasantly.   Maybe I am just a little biased since he is a friend, but Norbert Weisser was utterly perfect for his role as Hans Riefenstahl. As he has demonstrated in several of his movies, he is an absolute master at playing the perfect gentleman even though his character is really rotten to the core. He can deliver a wide-eyed, innocent performance, then instantly change direction with his character, only taking a split second to turn into someone who can flash an evil look at an enemy, and reveal the vile nature he has successfully concealed so well. In this movie, he manages to do this after the U.S. attorney has turned away when he is done questioning him, the judge is looking elsewhere, and Cobb is still convinced that Geiger is guilty so he isn't really paying much attention to what is going on around him. It's a great moment in the film. Joseph Sargent did an exceptional job as Director. The pace of this movie is perfect -- there is no rushing through any portion of the story. In my opinion, this allows the characters to become more familiar to the viewers through scenes with real substance and development. His vast experience as the man who directed the original Taking of Pelham One Two Three, James Michener's Space, many 60's television dramatic series, such as Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, and too many movies and series to mention, comes through on all levels. Additionally, writer Michael Norell is probably very familiar to many of us. He had a role in the series Emergency, as well as doing some of the writing for that show, and he also wrote for The Love Boat, and Nash Bridges, just to name a very few. His credits on IMDB are quite impressive. He and his brother James did an exceptional job with the script and told their story in a believable manner. This is a wonderful movie based on fact and real circumstances that is well worth watching.
My Review of The Incident
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A story of German POWs in America
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