Thanks also to the creative team of Michael and James Norell for writing such an incredibly powerful script for the movie, The Incident, and for staying true to the facts, and representing events that actually did happen in the POW camps. Your screenplay was a large part of the inspiration for this website.
I do not pretend to be an authority on the subject of German POWs in America. The experts are Dr. Krammer and many others whose material I drew upon throughout this site. My deepest thanks and appreciation goes out to them. I could not have done this website without using their research materials as references. A variety of sources were used to present the information within this website. Every effort was made to be accurate and to present the subject without personal bias. These books are well worth reading and contain a vast amount of information well beyond what I am able to represent here. This website is merely a small cross-section of the stories, anecdotes, facts and human interest stories found within these volumes. These are all worthy additions to any library. Here are the books, DVDs and websites used to compile the information used in this website: Nazi Prisoners of War in America, Arnold Krammer, Stein and Day Publishers, 1979, 338 pages Guests Behind the Barbed Wire, Ruth Beaumont Cook, Crane Hill Publishers, 2007, 623 pages Stalag Wisconsin, Betty Cowley, Badger Books, 2002, 311 pages Stark Decency, Allen V. Koop, University Press of New England, 1980, 136 pages Hitler’s Soldiers in the Sunshine State, Robert D. Billinger, Jr., University Press of Florida, 2000, 264 pages Lone Star Stalag, Michael R. Waters, Texas A&M University Press, 2002, 268 pages Nazi POWs in America, the History Channel DVD (tie-in to Arnold Krammer’s book of the same title) German POWs in Camp Clinton (website) German Prisoners of War in Mississippi (website) German Prisoners of World War 2 (website) U-Boat.Net (website) I am always looking for interesting books on this subject, the Holocaust, and especially human interest stories of World War II similar to Gretruda’s Oath. If you have recommendations for me, please let me know about them!  Thanks!
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