German POWs in America
German POWs Reunite with their Hosts
Historical marker on the outskirts of Aliceville, Alabama indicating the location of one of the first German POW camps in America.
1988 marked the first of several reunions between the German POWs and their American hosts in Aliceville, Alabama. The occasion was marked by hugs, handshakes, jokes, a dinner and the telling of many tales of their memories. In 1995, 45 residents from Aliceville traveled to Stuttgart, Germany and held a reunion with many of the former POWs. The special host for the reunion dinner was the Honorable Manfred Rommel, son of General Erwin Rommel, who was Mayor of the city at the time. Many of the German POWs say their time in America was the best time of their life, and that they made many life-long friends as a result. Many of the American families who worked at the camps or had the help of German POW field labor on their farms helped the former POWs after the war by sending packages of food and clothing to them in their war-ravaged country.
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Link to the City of Aliceville POW Memorial Museum -- on that page you will also find a link to the museum Gift Shop featuring books on this subject, prints of sketches drawn by the POWS and more!
These images are all screencaps from the History Channel DVD: Nazi POWs in America. This DVD is a tie-in to Arnold Krammer’s book of the same title. This DVD is is available from the History Channel and features interviews with Arnold Krammer, some of the former POWs, and residents of Aliceville, Alabama which was one of the very first towns to house German POWs.  The various other sources for this information are listed here.