German POWs in America
High-Ranking German Officer POWs
Many high-ranking German officers were captured from North Africa or other locations and were sent to U.S. POW camps. A total of three Admirals and forty Generals were held at one camp in Mississippi -- and they were absolutely given preferential treatment. They did not have to work, were compensated $40 a month, had a personal assistant, private bungalows, and could have wine and beer with their meals, and even order flowers from town. They tended to private gardens, were provided books and newspapers, gramophones, and were fed meals equivalent to their American officer commanders. Once the war ended, however, and the U.S. was no longer bound by the Geneva Convention, the rations for these officers were also cut drastically and many of their special privileges ended. Here is a link to a letter written by a General who talks of the drastic change in treatment immediately after Germany’s unconditional surrender: POW Website
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These images are all screencaps from the History Channel DVD: Nazi POWs in America. This DVD is a tie-in to Arnold Krammer’s book of the same title. This DVD is is available from the History Channel and features interviews with Arnold Krammer, some of the former POWs, and residents of Aliceville, Alabama which was one of the very first towns to house German POWs.  The various other sources for this information are listed here.