German POWs in America
Images of the German-Italian POW Cemetary outside Aliceville, Alabama. The two headstones of Schneider and Christoph represent two of the first POW escapees that were shot while attempting to get across the camp wire. There are 25 German or Italian POWs buried there.
The POWs were given the materials needed so they could hold funerals and bury any fellow POW who died while in captivity. This even included the Nazi flag -- provided to the POWs by the U.S. government as stipulated in the Geneva Convention. While some POWs died shortly after their arrival from wounds received while in battle, some POWs died while trying to escape, or by injury while working outside the camp. A handful were murdered by the hard-core Nazi soldiers instead of dying from natural causes as noted on some of the official documents. Other reasons included illness, or snakebites. (Many of the POWs in the South were fascinated by the poisonous snakes they found in the fields and tried to keep them as pets -- much to the horror of the other POWs and the camp staff.)
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These images are all screencaps from the History Channel DVD: Nazi POWs in America. This DVD is a tie-in to Arnold Krammer’s book of the same title. This DVD is is available from the History Channel and features interviews with Arnold Krammer, some of the former POWs, and residents of Aliceville, Alabama which was one of the very first towns to house German POWs.  The various other sources for this information are listed here.
German POW Funerals