Dedication: Brent Berry  and  Norbert Weisser
Please take a moment to visit the website of Brent Berry Arts.  Brent is an amazing and gifted artist. His website is full of beautiful, detailed and very interesting artwork that will fascinate you. Brent was an extra in The Incident who played a U.S. Marshall and one of the Lager Gestapo. I became aware of him when I saw of photograph of Norbert Weisser online that he had taken during the filming of this movie. I had created a fansite for Norbert and I was always looking for new material to use. I contacted Brent to see if he would let me use the photo, and he not only offered the use of that photo, he generously sent dozens of other photos my way. It was then that the idea of designing a website based on this movie came to me. Thanks for your wonderful contributions,  Brent!
Additionally, I must thank the wonderful actor Norbert Weisser. Norbert is always going out of his way to send photos and videos that I can use on his fansite, or is letting me use photos from his official website. While Norbert’s character in this movie was rather unsavory, I can attest to the fact that the man behind Riefenstahl is just the opposite. Norbert, thanks for always indulging me and for your ongoing generosity and support of my web design projects, as well as your friendship. Please take a moment to visit the websites of these very special and talented men!
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Brent Berry as one of the Lager Gestapo
Norbert Weisser as Hans Riefelstahl
Note: If you are interested in WWII collectibles, especially items from the German Army, please visit Brent’s other website, Time Machine 13.
Dedication Dedication