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All Photographs (unless otherwise noted) are by Brent Berry and used with his permission. These are copyrighted and are not public domain. Please do not redistribute or copy. Thank you.
Interior and exterior of El Paso County Courthouse used in the movie.
Brent Berry as Lager Gestapo. Norbert Weisser as the leader of the group is immediately behind him.
Two of the vintage automobiles used in this film. Brent Berry is in the black one as the U.S. Marshall who is taking Geiger (Peter Firth) to the courthouse.
Location shots from the scene where Harmon Cobb goes to the POWS working on the farm  as he tries to find one of them to testify on behalf of Geiger.
Setting up for the opening funeral scene
Extras on the set.
Waiting to film the scene where the Lager Gestapo are arrested for the murder of Doc Hansen and the eight POWS who were killed because they spoke against Hitler or the Nazi party.
Of course, it wasn’t all work -- Norbert Weisser, Peter Firth and others enjoy a bit of white water rafting in Utah while taking a break from the filming. Photo provided by Norbert Weisser.
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A story of German POWs in America