Behind the Scenes
All Photographs (unless otherwise noted) are by Brent Berry and used with his permission. These are copyrighted and are not public domain. Please do not redistribute or copy. Thank you.
Veteran Director, Joe Sargent. on the set of The Incident, Joe has directed over 80 features, many of them Emmy Award winners. He also directed My Antonia which featured Norbert Weisser in the role of Otto.
This photo shows Director Joe Sargent, Norbert Weisser and other crew members setting up for the opening funeral scene. This photo was provided by Norbert Weisser. 
The opening scene where Private Ernst Schmidt is being buried.
Setting up for the opening 4th of July speech given by Harmon Cobb as played by Walter Matthau.
The set of Camp Breman, Colorado. While this camp was fictitious, the set was based and modeled on actual German POW camps in the United States.
Harry Morgan, who played U.S. Judge Bell
William Schallert as Wallace, a friend of Harmon Cobb. (This is a screencap image.)
Walter Matthau, who played Harmon Cobb. Note: Charlie Matthau was an Associate Producer on this movie.
Bernard Hughes, who played Doc Hansen. (This is a screencap image.)
Peter Firth as Wilhelm Geiger, the POW accused of killing Doc Hansen,
Norbert Weisser on the set of The Incident. Norbert had the role of Hans Riefenstahl, head of the Lager Gestapo in the camp. The above photos were provided by Norbert Weisser.
Robert Carradine as U.S. Attorney Domsczek -- first seen as an adversary of Cobb, he later becomes an ally of his when certain evidence in the case is brought to light.
Joe Horvath as the corrupt Major Lilly.
Douglas Rowe as Clarence.
Brent Berry as Lager Gestapo
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A story of German POWs in America
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